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What is the “visa approval letter”? How does the Vietnam visa approval letter look like?

August 3, 2011 | admin

"Visa approval letter" is the letter approved by Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam Government), which allows you to enter and exit Vietnam for a given period. With the approval letter, you can get Vietnam visa at Vietnam Consulates/Embassies or at Vietnam international airports (Noi Bai , Ho Chinh Minh and Da Nang airport). Please click for Vietnam visa online with us. After receiving your visa request, we will contact the Vietnam Immigration Department for arranging your visa based on your request. Normally, after 2 days you will get the approval

Where can I get Vietnam visa?

August 3, 2011 | admin

1. Visa on arrival (visa to pick up at Vietnam airport): Before picking up your visa on arrival, you need to apply for visa approval letter granted by Vietnam Immigration Department at On receiving this visa approval letter, you print it out to show it to Vietnam Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport to have your visa stamped 2. Visa code (visa to pick up at Vietnam Embassy before you travel to Vietnam): Before going to Vietnam Embassy to have you visa to Vietnam, it would be quicker and easier for you to apply online for visa approval code by Vietnam

How long does it take to obtain Vietnam Visa?

August 3, 2011 | admin

Right after receive your payment and your correct visa application; you will receive the confirmation of receiving visa approval letter (after 1 working day for urgent service and two working days for normal service)

What is the difference between visa code and visa on arrival?

August 3, 2011 | admin

Basically, visa code differs visa on arrival in mode to pick up: 1. Visa code: after receiving the visa approval code from us, you print it out and bring it to Vietnam Embassy to stamp your visa. 2. Visa on arrival:: after getting the visa approval letter, you print it out to get on board, show it to Vietnam Immigration Officer on checking Vietnam airport to stamp your visa. Because of the difference in terms of mode to pick up, visa on arrival is recommended for those who travel to Vietnam by air, while visa code is mainly applied for those who travel by other means (by land, ship, train,

What are Vietnam customs procedures? How long does it takes?

August 3, 2011 | admin

Normally, there will be an application form for Vietnam entry and exit to fill in (each applicant have one separately). However those who get visa approval letter from will receive this form beforehand. Besides, please remember to bring at least 2 photos of passport regulation size, some dollars for stamping fee. The normal waiting time for completing the procedures is 15 minutes. However those who have completed the application for entry and exit form can save more time from waiting.

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